неделя, 10 август 2008 г.

Joy Adamson-if we look her life or books(that are a mirror of her life) up in things written right after her death we'll see she's described as "colossally successful" and "brilliant".She made the world hear about her not only because of her talanted artistic (writing,paintings) works but also because of her big heart she shows in her works.Joy Adamson made so much for Kenya's wildlife,more than a lot of people do even today when we're trying to do much more for ecology than back then.But the problems she told us about are still alive today,unsolved and unfortunately getting worse.That's why we mustn't forget her,leaving her deeds in the dust like we do with her books left on our shelves,not remembering them,not reading at least a bit from them.
This is the purpose of my blog.I hope I showed you a bit of this amazing woman's life and works or reminded it to those of you who already know her.Of course there's always much more to say...

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