понеделник, 11 август 2008 г.

Her real name is Friederike Victoria Gressner.She was born in Trropau,Austria-Hungary(now Opava,Czech Republic).She considered herself austrian.Joy Adamson was born in a wealthy family that always supported her love of art,ever since she was a kid.Her talent for arts is really amazing-she studied music,art(paintings),made sculptures.People who knew her when she was a kid say even back then she had a deep connection and true love for nature.Some of her later portraits of local african people were in Kenya's president residency,rest of them in Nairobi's national museum.
Joy was often drawing and photographing her wild friends.She also made a few short documentary movies.Art was in her blood,it was always a part of her.Of course her books are the best of her art that reached people all over the world.

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