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Joy Adamson had married three times,she found her true love in her third husband-George Adamson.He was also in love with Kenya and african culture like her.They raised and brought back to freedom Elsa,a female lion.Later when Joy tried the same thing with a leopard and a cheetah,George was still raising and bringing back to free life other lions.Although they often spent time away from each other because of their work,the distance and little time they spent together couldn't break their love and care for each other.Their common goals and ideals made their love even stronger.They didn't have their own children but were giving all the love and care to their wild kids.Sometimes Joy and George were even sacrifising their own health,busy with too much work to do for their wild friends.While George was working at Kenyan parks they lived in houses where the workers were living.After he retired, they moved to a beautiful house on lake Naivasha.Today the house is a museum and educational center.Even there Joy enjoyed wild animals' company.She dedicates her book "Friends from the forest" to them.
Juliet Hukslie,a friend of Adamsons,says Joy didn't like having too many things in her house,she liked simple life with as little as possible.As Joy often says she regrets people left their wild nature and she had always tried living as close as nature as possible.

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