сряда, 13 август 2008 г.

Joy's connection to Kenya is deeply emotional,based on strong love and admiration for Kenya's beauty.Her heart,as she said more than once,belongs to Kenya and it was like her second mother coutry.Adamson enjoyed all shapes and forms of African beauty and shows it in her portraits,photographs and mostly in her books.Art is not the only thing she did to reach her goal of preserving this beauty.Her whole life,all of her efforts were for preserving the wildlife.Except her work with the big cats,that gave worthy information about their lives and habits,she made the world think about lots of important topics.The fund she made where money from her books sales went was used for Kenyas' parks needs.Encyclopedia Britanica includes Joy Adamson's name in "300 women who changed the world".She is one of the people who showed their contemporaries that nature is in pain,that human beings are ruining unique plant and animal species every day with their activities,that our world has serious problems we need to open our eyes for.She made lots of young people care about ecology.Joy Adamson and her contemporaries opened the eyes of the long blind for harmful human activities society and made then care more.Her motive for doing all this was the love for her wild friends and Kenya.

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