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Elsa, Pippa and Penny- part 2:Pippa

Pippa the Cheetah

After her sucess with Elsa,Joy decided to try it again with Pippa because she thought it's wrong to keep such a beautiful animal for a pet.Pippa had been found when she was 3 weeks old and had lost her mother.The little animal found a home in Danky's family who were looking after it like it was a pet.When Pippa was about 8 months old Dankys had to left Kenya and they asked Joy to take the animal because didn't want to move Pippa out of Africa.As Joy said it was a love from the first sight.A love that had its predictable end.However this time Joy was alone in her efforts because George Adamson was busy with bringing to their wild life lion prides that took a part in the movie "Born free".PIppa spent all of her wild life in Meru national park.She had babies four times-all of the children from first and third time died soon after they were born.The second time she had children she had four-Mbilly,Tatu,Whitey and Dume but he got sick and died.The fourth time she had children Pippa gave birth to one girl-Somba and three boys-Big Boy,Tiny and the third one got killed by another animal when was very young and didn't even has a name yet.Pippa hurt her leg and died in the place where they were taking care of her.Joy brought her back and buried here close to their camp,near the place where Pippa's world was.
During that time Joy had an accident and went through a few operations making everything very hard for her at times but she always put Pippa and her wild children's needs and pains before hers.
Joy never was afraid of Pippa and always trusted her and relied on her because of Pippa's calmness.

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