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Elsa, Pippa and Penny- part 3:Penny

Penny the Leopard

Joy always wanted to bring to freedom a leopard too and close the circle with all three kinds of big cats.Joy had tried it once with little Taga who died too early,when fate meet her and Penny.Penny was found after her mother had probably been killed.The little animal was brought to the park and they agreed to give her to Adamson.When Penny's bringing back to freedom was decided there was nothing left but finding her a home,after some searching this home turned out to be Shaba.Penny gave birth to two children but their names aren't mentioned because the book ends when her children are still very small. As with Elsa and Pippa's stories, Joy wanted to continue describe Penny's life (Martin Clarke the assistant of Joy says that : 'Penny was sighted three months after Joys death, still with her two grown up cubs. I like to think she lived a long and happy life...just as Joy wanted.')
 but died in a tragic accident.

The world lost a real angel when Joy Adamson died. If we measure her life in years it wasn't short,but if we measure it with her deeds and everything else she could have done it's very short indeed.I won't talk about her death much because I don't want people to talk about her death more than about her personality as they often do.This blog is dedicated to her deeds.

Joy said leopards are the most difficult to raise because even though Penny trusted her and was tender and easy to work with Joy never felt completely calm when around her.

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